Healing, Resilience and Preventing Extremism among war-affected children in Jordan and Lebanon

Project Summary

Project Summary

16,000+ children from Syria, Lebanon and Jordan will receive basic training in stress relief and resilience tools, while 400 children most at risk of violent behaviour, self-harm, suicide, aggression or recruitment, will receive deep trauma-relief, empowerment and human values training. Specially trained Youth Peace Ambassadors will design and implement awareness-raising and peacebuilding projects to prevent and reduce violence in their families, schools and communities.

In parallel, we will provide parents, families, caregivers, community members, teachers, caseworkers, youth and protection workers, with stress management and coping tools to enable them to provide a supportive and violence-free environment for the children. A selected number of teachers and NGO staff will be trained as trainers to keep multiplying these techniques in their schools and communities on a sustainable basis.

Target Groups


vulnerable, at-risk and high potential refugee + host community children in Jordan and Lebanon


teachers, caregivers, peace / social / youth frontline workers


parents / family / community members


15th December 2016 – 15 th December 2019



Ramtha, East Amman, Amman, Irbid, Al Huson, Mafraq, Rusaifeh, Tabarbour, Zaatari Refugee Camp, Azraq Refugee Camp, Baqa, Jerash, Zarqa, Dafyaneh, Agrabah, and Al Kura


Tripoli and its suburbs: Tabbaneh, Beddawi, Wadi El Nahleh, Mina, al Tal, Dahr el Moghr, Qobbeh, Abu Samra, Jabal Mohsen, Qalamoun, Barsa & Dahr El 3ein, and Deddeh

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IAHV Peacebuilding Lebanon
IAHV Peacebuilding LebanonMonday, July 8th, 2019 at 7:37am
Syrian and Lebanese IAHV volunteer trainers and social workers in challenging areas took an intensive 5 day IAHV Advanced Training in Ehden, Lebanon. They rested deeply, learnt new powerful techniques, reflected on life and their role, and became stronger and more skilled to shape a peaceful society.

أعمق. أقوى. أكثر حكمة.
تلقى مدربي الهيئة الدولية للقيم الانسانية المتطوعين السوريين واللبنانيين، والعاملين في مجال الرعاية الاجتماعية في المناطق الصعبة، تدريبًا متقدما مكثفًا مدته 5 أيام في إهدن ، لبنان. لقد استراحوا بعمق ، وتعلموا تقنيات جديدة، وفكروا في حياتهم ودورهم فيها, وأصبحوا أقوى وأكثر مهارة لتشكيل مجتمع مسالم.
#peaceinsideout #Stress_Release #Youth_Empowerment #Sustainability #Community #Conflict_Zones #Trauma_Relief #Resilience #LiveLoveTripoli #Transformation #Taking_Action #Peace_Building #EUinLebanon IAHV Peacebuilding @Cross_arts
IAHV Peacebuilding Lebanon
IAHV Peacebuilding LebanonFriday, July 5th, 2019 at 3:10am
Nature Walks and deep relaxation techniques, our IAHV Peacebuilding TOT graduates and PC graduates had a refreshing weekend in Ehden, Lebanon. 5 days of rest within an Advanced Training to find more energy and keep moving forward towards building peace inside out.

المشي في الطبيعة وتقنيات للاسترخاء العميق ، خريجو IAHV Peacebuilding TOT وال PC اخذوا عطلة نهاية أسبوع منعشة في اهدن، لبنان. 5 أيام من الراحة في تدريب متقدم للعثور على مزيد من الطاقة ومواصلة التقدم نحو بناء السلام من الداخل إلى الخارج.
#peaceinsideout #Stress_Release #Youth_Empowerment #Sustainability #Community #Conflict_Zones #Trauma_Relief #Resilience #LiveLoveTripoli #Transformation #Taking_Action #Peace_Building #EUinLebanon IAHV Peacebuilding Cross_arts
IAHV Peacebuilding Lebanon
IAHV Peacebuilding Lebanon shared a post.Sunday, June 30th, 2019 at 7:34pm
Introducing Banin Charity Association - جمعية بنين الخيرية to practical concepts, methods and tools to improve stress management, overall resilience and professional excellence. A lovely exchange among people committed to serve Lebanon.
IAHV Peacebuilding Lebanon
IAHV Peacebuilding LebanonWednesday, June 19th, 2019 at 5:33pm
It's happening now!
It's world refugee day.
Your donations will be doubled.
Donate before funds run-out!
IAHV Peacebuilding Lebanon
IAHV Peacebuilding Lebanon shared a post.Friday, June 14th, 2019 at 10:26pm
Double your impact now for war affected children - World Refugee Day 20 June!

Today more people than ever are displaced on our planet. IAHV peacebuilding is at the epicenter of conflict zones, transforming war-traumatized children into peace ambassadors in their communities, breaking the cycle of violence .

How can you help?
Mark your calendar:
Donate on 20 June 6.00 am cet as your donation counts as double on World Refugee Day!


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IAHV Peacebuilding Lebanon
IAHV Peacebuilding LebanonMonday, June 3rd, 2019 at 2:36am
"In the 3-months that I've been living back in Lebanon, I've spoken to many kids who saw their own parents being killed. Now, war-affected kids don't have access to treatment or money for anti-depressants and for some regions of the world, foreigners are too afraid to set foot where they live, meaning they receive little aid and end up feeling completely abandoned. That's why I was so moved to hear about IAHV Peacebuilding in Tripoli. They are a mix of volunteers from Tripoli and the world who refuse to give up on these kids and after speaking to so many of the youths who attend, their happiness and appreciation for this NGO was palpable."

Tania Safi, a talented filmmaker from Lebanon / Australia, came to film IAHV's peacebuilding project in Tripoli. Her sharp eye has definitely captured the often intangible but surely undeniable changes IAHV is bringing about to create more peaceful homes, schools and communities. Tania is on a mission to show the world the good that is happening in Lebanon, and especially in Tripoli, and we are very grateful for her visit.

You can support us with much needed funding, every day, but especially on International Refugee Day 20th June, when all donations will be matched 100% by Global Giving.

Click on the below link for more info, to donate, or to receive a reminder to donate on 20th June.


"IAHV programs have had a huge impact in Menshieh, on personal lives, work, homes and the community as a whole. You have changed the mentality of this community. It created brotherhood among the communities here. The violence among the children has reduced. They smile more, are more relaxed and more motivated. Now there is friendliness without fighting.

First through the football matches, this project created familiarity, what was needed. The local community came together because of this project. Syrians started coming to our community center. We convinced the parents to allow their children to develop their talents in music and art. It created bridges of trust."

Mayor of Menshieh, Mafraq

"I worked with other organizations with bigger budgets and more staff, but we achieved less.”

IAHV staff member

"We are working in an environment that is in dire need of psychosocial activities. I have never seen such an effective stress relief as in this workshop… This will heavily reflect on the type of work that I do, and will allow me to truly benefit the Syrian refugees that I work with.” 

Social worker at Zaatari camp

"Visiting refugees in their homes and shelters, seeing their situation and listening to their stories, is a stressful job. We take the stress home with us. In other self-care workshops there was always something missing. They focused more on cognitive levels and mental health. However, IAHV’s Professional Care workshop addresses this gap, because it is more holistic, touches on more aspects, goes deeper and raises our energy levels. My health and energy levels have improved and I have quit smoking!”

Ahmad, JRS refugee staff for house visits

Change in Tripoli

IAHV Psychosocial Peacebuilding approach - Jordan and Lebanon 2018

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