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With Psychosocial Peacebuilding we can

Master the art and soul of building peace
Develop our fullest potential as a peacebuilder
And create the strongest cornerstone for our global peace

“Now I work with myself in the same committed way as I work with others”

What is it?

PSPB is an approach to peacebuilding which integrates the full range of psychosocial factors at every stage, level and sector of peacebuilding. 

PSPB puts the human being back at the centre of peacebuilding. 

  • It effectively engages with deep core driving factors of conflict, violence and peace: transforming aggression, depression, trauma, division and greed, and strengthening wellbeing, agency, hope, connectedness and humanness. 
  • It strengthens peacebuilding potential and creates excellence at every stage. 

The resulting transformation is profound and sustainable. 

This strong psychosocial foundation is the cornerstone and driving force for effective structural and systemic change, and for a more peaceful, just and prosperous world. 


"Peace building work can be so emotional and draining. With the SKY technique and the right skills, I am refreshed and good to go!" 

Why now?

The human being, both driving and being affected by conflict and violence, has been at the margins of peacebuilding for too long. The prevailing view seemed to be that once fuanctioning economic, political, security and justice systems were in place, peace would follow. However, the presence of strong psychosocial factors, such as anger, frustration, grief and greed, undermining peace and development plans, have raised widespread awareness about the importance of psychosocial factors as key driving factors of conflict and peace. No outer peace without inner peace. 

As part of this awareness, global efforts are now under way to bridge the fields of Mental Health, Psychosocial Support and Peacebuilding.

The field of Psychosocial Peacebuilding has been integrated from the very start and its core strength precisely addresses today’s challenge in peacebuilding. Both as a conceptual model and practical approach implemented on the ground, evidence-based PSPB has shown to increase peacebuilding impact. 

Personal Indicators

  • Reduction stresslevels (cortisol, lactate,...) and increased optimism
  • Reduction of anxiety (70%)
  • Reduction of depression (mild, severe, chronic) 70%
  • Sustainable reduction of Post Traumatic
  • Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms (65%)
  • Better emotional regulation
  • Better mental focus / awareness , improved EEG Beta golf activity
  • Positive affect and social connectedness
  • Improved sleep

Peacebuilding Impact

  • Rehabilitation: 700.000 prisoners / 61% drop in recidivism (USA)
  • Trauma Relief: 400,000+ beneficiaries
  • DDR: 7.400 ex-combatants & gangs
    100 At-risk youth in Lebanon and Jordan address 15 driving factors of violence
  • FARC (Colombia) leadership embraces Gandhian principles of non-violence
    Reconciliation of warring tribes (Ivory Coast)

Violence Reduction

  • 55% reduction in police shootings (Brazil)
  • 47% reduction in violence in prisons (USA)
  • 60-90% reduction in disciplinary actions in USA schools

"When I am self-aware of my own biases, perceptions, thought processes and my whole being, then the real issues as presented by the parties are handled and peace follows."

How to do it?

Do psychosocial factors seem like a Pandora box to you?

Do you think you need to be a psychologist to do this?

IAHV offers a practical, evidence-based and effective approach to transform wellbeing, mindsets, emotions and behaviour of all people involved in or affected by conflict and violence, including perpetrators, affected communities and intervening parties. 

This pioneering approach has been implemented with great success in dozens of conflict zones around the world. (Iraq, Colombia, Lebanon, Caucasus, Sri Lanka, India, Kosovo, South Africa, Mexico, Jordan, Philippines)

It is simple and effective. And you can also learn it.

IAHV’s Psychosocial Peacebuilding Training will provide you with the wellbeing, knowledge and skills to design and implement an integrated approach to peacebuilding. 

  1. Resilience, Stress Management and Self-Care: This includes the world-renowned SKY technique, proven to improve health, immunity, and sleep, and reduce anxiety, depression, burn-out
  2. Developing one's potential as a peacebuilder: nurture your inner resources and peacebuilding qualities and strengthen the experience of peace in the midst of conflict
  3. Professional Skills Training: Providing tools for analysis, design and delivery of psycho-social interventions to increase sustainability and effectiveness of peacebuilding outcomes

35 hours spread over 3 weeks

For whom? Can you also do it?

Are you inspired to innovate?

Are you open to dive deep?

Are you ready to take better care of yourself and finetune your skills?

Are you enthusiastic to be part of this larger global development? 

Then this training is for you!

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