Healing, Resilience and Empowerment (HRE)

The Need

Indirectly involved in or affected by violence and other extremist activities, families of perpetrators and surrounding communities are often those most deeply impacted, leading to large populations living in fear and suffering from post-traumatic stress as well as other subsequent political, social and economic implications.

Program Description

Our HRE program delivers effective and scalable healing and resilience building, leading to more empowered individuals as well as communities at large. Providing affordable and accessible trauma and stress-relief tools to large populations and small groups alike in complex emergencies, IAHV
Peacebuilding’s 8-12 hour programs produce measurable results, including rapidly and significantly reducing the symptoms of PTS, depression and anxiety, and improving the quality of life for individuals and communities.

In addition, rather than fostering humanitarian dependency and
creating long-term resource dilemmas, trained participants and communities leave the program with keys to their own stress and trauma management and healthy coping strategies, which can sustain improvements in quality of life with continued practice and skills application.

Finally, a focus on empowerment aims to ensure participants understand the benefits of practicing non-violence in both conflict and post-war periods, and are inspired to contribute towards the betterment of the community, thereby reducing the likelihood of a return to violence.


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