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Due to the recent events, many people from the Ukraine had to escape the war zones and flee the country, among them many women of all ages and children. They often suffer from anxiety, depression, sleeping problems and PTSD, a loss of hope and feelings of anger. At the same time, they carry great inner resources of resilience, hope and solidarity.

IAHV offers its global expertise in stress- and trauma-relief, empowerment and peacebuilding to support individuals, groups and families affected by the war in Ukraine around the world to cope with the most recent events and gain energy to contribute towards the betterment of their situation.

HRE Workshop (Healing, Resilience and Empowerment) - ONLINE


The HRE workshop is a low threshold workshop to address psycho-social consequences of conflict and violence, releasing acute and basic stress and fears, improving sleep and providing relief.

The HRE workshop is a basic IAHV intervention program that can reach a large number of individuals while still effecting strong personal benefits.

The workshops are evidence-based, inclusive, accessible, applicable across cultures and cost-effective. They have an immediate positive effect and empower participants with techniques they can continue practising independently to improve their own wellbeing.


Hours: 90 mins x 3 consecutive days

For whom: all people affected by  war in Ukraine, whether in Ukraine, Russia, Europe, or elsewhere

Dates and timings: 

Offered on a regular basis, on weekdays and weekends, at different timings - see registration link for next dates

Also organised on suitable dates and timings for specific groups - kindly get in contact

Medium: Zoom app

Language: The workshops can be conducted in English, with translation to Ukrainian or in any and other languages on request


For more information about the workshops, please contact:


Natalia: +380 50 872 0538 (Ukrainian/Russian)

Luciana: +4915122007620 (English)



  • Make sure you have good internet connection, and are hands-free connected
  • Make sure you have a space which is as quiet and undisturbed as possible, something to lie on, some space to move, easy clothes
  • Keep a bottle of water next to you

Max number of participants per workshop: 15. Please register to reserve your place.


"It's not easy to leave a whole life I do the workshop routine every day, I'm calmer, I even sleep."

Participant from Ukraine:

March 2022

"We had so much stress and anxiety, a lot to process. This workshop helped us to feel peace and serenity."

Participant from Ukraine:

March 2022

"I was very tired. Now my body feels different, especially my mind feels more relaxed".

Participant from Ukraine:

March 2022

Human-oriented approach

IAHV's approach is human-oriented, inclusive, respectful, empathetic, and culturally sensitive.

IAHV has instructors from a wide variety of religious, cultural, national and social backgrounds and our programs have proven effective in a wide range of varied settings across the globe.


We can also organize HRE workshops specifically for your organization, partners and beneficiaries. Do not hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss.

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