Europe Refugee Support

Europe Refugee Support

About This Project

In Europe, IAHV provides Trauma-Relief, Resilience and Empowerment Workshops for refugees. We provide flexible programming, ranging from 1 to 10 hours, as well as follow up sessions.

Volunteers and organisations interested to provide the IAHV trauma-relief and stress management techniques to refugee populations, can attend a 2,5 day Volunteer Training organised on a regular basis across Europe.

In a next phase, we will offer advanced programs, as well as Peacebuilding Training for refugees who would like to return to rebuild their countries of origin. We will also start with Trainings on Social Cohesionwith both refugee and host community populations.


Currently, IAHV Refugee Support Europe is active in Belgium, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Sweden.

IAHV Refugee Support Belgium

Belgium organised its first migrant HRE program in collaboration with a Dutch language school in Brussels. The participants came from various backgrounds, such as Mali, Morocco, Iraq, Armenia and Iran. Some have been in Belgium for a short time and some for a few years already. Despite their best efforts to integrate into the Belgian lifestyle and learn the local languages, they have been unsuccessful in securing stable work. With their emotionally heavy background coming from conflict areas and being away from their family and familiar surroundings, they were really looking forward to the HRE techniques and tools to increase their level of energy, enthusiasm and sense of hope.

After 3 sessions of 2 hours each, they released a lot of internal stresses and tensions and could finally experience some internal silence and deep relaxation. We have follow-up sessions every 2 weeks in order to ensure the integration of the techniques and tools learned.

“This program gave me hope for the future” – North African migrant after our 6hr HRE program

“I could finally relax after years of stress” – Iraqi migrant in Belgium

IAHV Refugee Support Greece
IAHV Refugee Support Netherlands
IAHV Refugee Support Germany
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